Course management

Organizers are supported by VAMA in scheduling, room planning, aid management, advertising, booking, notification of customers and suppliers, and in many other areas

For whichever course or event planning you need VAMA, its intelligent client-server architecture allows it to be individually adapted to your branch-specific requirements.

Here is a short overview of our features:

  • Integration of all relevant business processes in one application
  •  Synergy effects through central data storage (MS SQL)
  •  Use of responsive web-shop or intranet web applications
  •  Connectivity to MS Office products (Excel, Outlook, mail merge, etc.)
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Here is a brief overview of the various modules and components that our VAMA event management software makes available to you

Basic module

Central module for the main business areas of the VAMA event management software.

  •  Event planning / planning data / scheduling
  •  Courses as a modular system 
  •  Management of costumer master data
  •  Booking system (payment administration / instalments, etc.)

Evaluation tool 

Component (VAMAREP) for carrying out and transmitting various evluations.

  •  Freely configurable query criteria
  •  Fully automatic reporting system
  •  User-specific configuration storage
  •  Automated PDF printing and email delivery

Automated correspondence

Component for automation of online / offline correspondence.

  •  Time and status controlled printing and dispatch
  •  Configuration of repeat printing (reminders)
  •  Configuration via Database

Room management

Management module for the administration of all event rooms.

  •  Room master data administration (incl. room division)
  •  Room planning management (optimized room selection)
  •  Management of aids for events and courses
  •  Activity lists for porters, cleaners and electricians, etc.

Monitor information

Display module for displaying event data on various monitors in HTML format.

  •  HTML-configurable information display
  •  Automated data transfer from database
  •  Emergency running protection system

Script management

Components for the management of all event-relevant scripts

  •  Complete warehouse management
  •  Script ordering system
  •  Script assignment levels
  •  Minimum inventory

Daten import / export

Module for connecting various internal or external interfaces.

  •  Choice of various interfaces (e.g. SAP)
  •  Freely configurable according to e.g. time control
  •  Bank tape management

Administration management

Module for carrying out the various activities from within the different VAMA areas.

  •  User rights management
  •  Database clean-up routines
  •  Copy job management
  •  Archiving system

Course book creation

Component for automated creation of a document about the whole range of events.

  •  Tool for course book creation
  •  Fully automated production of an MS Word file
  •  XML Interface for printers

Web applications

Web applications for online bookings of events or intranet areas.

  •  Responsive web shop
  •  Intranet / extranet web apps


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