PAT Mobile

PAT Mobile

PAT Mobile is a state-of-the-art web application which is fully integrated into PAT

PAT Mobile is a state-of-the-art web application which is fully integrated into PAT. The responsive design of the applications enables it to use it on both, Mobile and Desktop devices. PAT Mobile is designed especially for the usage for sales reps and the usage in greenhouses, but it can also be used on every other devices which has an Internet browser.

The most important features of PAT Mobile: 

  •  Integrated barcode scanner for different barcode types
  •  Fully integrated into the PAT Desktop application
  •  Usable inside and outside of the companies network
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Here is a brief overview of the various modules and components that our PAT MOBILE web application makes available to you


Module for ordering based on real-time availabilities

  •  Real-time availabilities
  •  Display availabilities for multiple weeks
  •  Real-time reservations
  •  Direct reservation of availabilities


Module which provides functionality to manage the actual production

  •  Integrated barcode scanner (scan batches, locations, etc.)
  •  Usable in greenhouses
  •  Move batches or trays 

Mother Plants 

Check and manage mother plants directly in the greenhouse

  •  Integrated barcode scanner (Batches, locations, etc.)
  •  Change mother plant factors
  •  Change mother plant quantity
  • Take and send photos of mother plants

PAT Business Intelligence 

Module to easily access various reports

  •  Display data directly on mobile devices
  •  Customizable report filters
  •  Customizable report layout designs


Web application which is fully integrated into PAT

  •  Responsive design 
  •  Usable on desktop and mobile devices
  •  Internal or external usage
  •  Permission system
  •  State-of-the-art secure user system

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