Deroose Plants chooses for PAT ERP software

Concept Data Systems and Deroose Plants will start the implementation of the PAT ERP system in March to support laboratory and greenhouse production of youngplants and finished plants.
Deroose Plants Group is a global supplier of young plant material for growers and plantations. Deroose and its subsidiary Exotic Plants produce their plants in their laboratories and greenhouses in Europe, Asia and the United States. Started as a Bromeliad youngplant supplier, it is now producing a large range of ornamentals, plantation trees, and fruit&vegetable crops. With a team of over 800 people, customers are serviced both with young plants and finished plants globally.

Deroose Plants from on Vimeo.

Augmenting complexity led the company to search for a standard ERP software solution that supports its current and future planning, production and sales processes.  A high level of global process integration between the companies was one of the main requirements and obviously, the software supplier must be a strong and reliable partner for the long term.
After thorough research, Deroose Plants has chosen for PAT software from Concept Data Systems. “PAT has a very good track record in the business of young plant production and is highly recommended by its customers. Its multi company approach is unrivalled and will ensure a complete integration of all companies within the group.”

Managing Director Maurice van Winden -himself having roots in software- trusts that the implementation will be a success. “The PAT team, both developers and consultants, are fully focused on horticulture processes. They speak our language, which is so important in this challenging global implementation. They have earned the trust of many customers, now they can do this again at Deroose”
Peter Lindhout of PAT: ”Deroose is a unique project for us. The full scope of laboratory production to finished plants sales in multiple regions makes that we have to bring in all we have to offer and a bit more. We have prepared ourselves for this project in the past 6 months and are now ready to go!”

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